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03.05.16 14:30:55 - Patch 1.6
-Added bp blank rune on all magic shops (220gp each bp)
-Added Change Name on Shop, 50 Premium Points
-Added tile limits for all zones (protection zone, house and all map)
-Fixed all fields (Fire, Energy, Poison)
-Fixed Poi Seals
-Eremo its now protection zone.
-Removed Teleport on eremo to cormaya.
-Now you can travel to eremo from Captain Bluebear (Thais)
-Now you can travel from eremo to Ab'Dendriel, Carlin, Thais, Cormaya, Darashia, Port Hope, Venore, Ankrahmun and Edron. (Say city to eremo or bring me to)
-Rashid now only appears in gengia for vip.
-Fixed Red Skulls
-New PvP Settings for a better PvP, more info Click Here, at bottom.
-Fixed Warlock, now attack if you are invisible
-Nerfed Orshabaal
-Goblin drop up 25 small stones

Some of these changes require server save.

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02.05.16 08:32:53 - Patch 1.5
-Added bring me to on all boats npc
-All boats are now not free. All prices are same like Real Tibia
-Fixed Alot of houses on Ab'dendriel
-Fixed Tps on Tombs
-Changed Depot Limit for free Account to 2000
-Changed Depot Limit for VIP Account to 10.000
-Power Bolt & Hunting spear now not required level
-Fixed bugs on maps
-Fixed Warlock, Serpent Spawn, Hydra and Dragon Lord

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30.04.16 14:47:26 - Patch 1.4
-Fixed bug with Vip Addon (Now work propetly) and can use.
-Fixed Yellow Skull
-Fixed All players when attack other get frag (only wins frag who does last hit)
-Added more info about out VIP System Click Here
-Added More information about our server Click Here
-Due to changes in the pvp system, all players were banned by Pk has been removed the ban, and all frags, deaths, etc.

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29.04.16 15:18:36 - Patch 1.3
-Fixed Stealth Ring Quest
-Added more monsters in tombs, mino dara, kazz, etc
-Fixed more houses
-Chester Kahs now change life crystal for life rings
-Added Black Knight Task
-All taks aren't required level now.
-Fixed Exp = 0 in your client
-Fixed all monster (Loot & Attack)
-Increase mana & life fluid regeneration (25% more)
-Fixed bug with Vip Addon (Now work propetly) and can use.
-Removed Protection zone on Carpet (Femor Hills)
-Added Random Item Stat (Now work propetly)
-Sorcerer & Druid now regenerate 6 mana / 2 seg without promotion
-Paladin attack increase 15%
-Knight attack increase 10%
-Protection for new players, new pvp adjust:
*4 Frags / day: Red Skull
*10 Frags / week: Red Skull
*20 Frags /month: Red Skull

*6 Frags / day: Ban
*12 Frags / week: Ban
*22 Frags / month: Ban

-New Stages for Hight Level
*76 - 90 x8
*91 - 99 x6
*100 - 130 x5
*131 - 150 x4
*151 or more.. x3

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27.04.16 12:24:06 - Patch 1.2
-Fixed all boat travel position to Ab'Dendriel
-Fixed Knight use exori vis & mort (cannot use more.)
-Increase Exori Damage
-Fixed Exura Sio
-Increase 10% attack for knights
-Increase 10% magic defense for knights
-Exori now require 60% of mana (20% less)
-Fixed Houses on Edron & Carlin
-Fixed Bugs on POI
-Fixed Sandra Npc
-Nerfed Hydra (Sorry haha)
-Fixed Tp on Tombs
-Fixed alot of map bugs..

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26.04.16 10:27:16 - Patch 1.1
-Fix Exana pox
-Now Druid can use Exori vis & mort
-Fix Demona ladder
-Fix All ankrahmun Tombs Teleports
**NO need scarab coins now**
-Fixed Serpent Spawn
-Nerfed Demon, Warlorck
-Fixed Hero
-Fixed Black Knight
-Added 9 new Raids! (Orshabaal, orcs, e lf, scarab, rat, demodras and more..)
-Change Demon Helmet Quest to: Old Demon Legs quest, Like 7.1

Demon Legs

-Change Demon Legs from Pist of Inferno to Great Shield
-ManaFluid now cost 55gp each (Backpack of MF 1100gp)
-Fixed Minotaur Task "10k now"
-Added Wasp Task
-Mermach now buy Plate Legs
-New LootRate x3
-Fix Topsy Npc
-Fixed Alot of bugs on map
-Balanced vocations
-Nerfed Paladin & Knight
-Increase Damage for Druid & Sorcerer
-New Regeneration for No Vocations (4 hp/2seg - 4 Mana/2seg)
-New Changes on pvp:
6 Frags/day = Red Skull
15 Frags/week = Red Skull
30 Frags/month = Red Skull
Frags First Limit 12 Hours
Frags Second Limit 24 Hours
Frags Third Limit 48 Hours
Red Skull Length: 24 Hour
-You can see your frags with !frags
-Exevo Con Vis now conjure x10 power bolts
-Exori now require 80% mana

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